Best Ways to Develop Your Psychic Power

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If you believe that you have what it takes to be a psychic, there are ways on how to develop psychic power and some of them are:

  • Using Your Phone As a Learning Tool

Everybody have had the experience of hearing their phone ring and knowing who was calling, even before they picked up their phone. A good way to develop your psychic power is by closing your eyes and imagine the person on the other line of the before answering it. Find out how many times you have guessed it right and over time, you’ll find this very basic skill improving.

  • Sports Can Also Be Your Learning Tool

Look for a sport that interests you and make some notes about what you think the result of the game before it’s played. Let your answer come to you and never try or concentrate on who’s injured list, what the result of the games between the 2 teams were or any sports. Just think of that as a game and feel or sense the name of the team that will win. Then, keep track of your answer and in the long run, you will be able to predict the winner, even if you don’t have a clue about the team’s performance.

  • Work with Your Friends

Try to be with a group of people who have the same desires like you. Dealing with a standard deck of cards, you can tell a person to pull a card, face down, while some are trying to guess what it is. This kind of activity can help you with what’s termed precognitive ability, which is the ability to sense something that has happened.

  • Try to Include Meditation in Your Life

Any kind of meditation that you want to do is fine. What you should do here is to slow down your mind, and let you be more in touch with your own self. Breathe deeply and as you try to exhale, feel all your worries and cares floating away. Let your thoughts to come as they’ll acknowledge them and release them.

When you meet anyone, what color impression you get from him or her? You don’t have to know how to read the aura of a person to let the impression of the aura’s predominate color to come to you. By trying to read one’s auras on a regular basis, you will be able to make informed decisions as well as take informed actions.

  • Use Some Divination Tools

Take some time to be familiar with the different tools used in divination. These could include palmistry, astrology, Tarot, crystals, playing cards or runes. Work with such tools consistently as this will help you develop a clear sight and let you to be better work with images in your everyday life.

  • Try to Pay Attention to Everything That Surrounds You

Majority of individuals go through life in a fog. Some drive to work in the morning and remember nothing without knowing how they got there. They also drive on automatic pilot without minds working at a warp speed on the problems of the moment. By doing this, some miss clues, which could provide them a good deal of information regarding how their environment and people in it. Living in a particular moment will let you develop your intuition to a high extent that will let you accomplish all your goals with ease.

There are other ways on how to develop your psychic power. Another best way you can consider is by reading as much as you can regarding the field in general.

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Signs Of Psychic Awakening

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Psychic awakening can be caused due to many reasons like losing a dear on, near death accidents, undergoing energetic healing sessions, childbirth and many. There are no hard and fast rules as to when an awakening may arise. This can change your life forever. It happens because of the shift in your energy levels that can lead to an awakening. But are you experiencing psychic awakening? Many are not aware of this happening, and there are certain signs that can help you be certain that you are experiencing psychic awakening.

Some feel a tingling sensation in the third eye between the eyebrows. This can mean your chakras are opening up or you are picking up signals. You can connect with the spirits. The feeling of being amidst spirits of your loved ones is another sign. People who are experiencing psychic awakening want to be away from negativity. This can help to pick up emotions of others easily. This phenomenon is known as empath. If you experience awakening, you feel drained while you are around people with negativity. Another important sign is the desire to read more on the spiritual discipline. This can help to develop your subconscious self by illuminating your soul.

An important sign to look out for is the urge to eat healthy food. You might turn to salads and avoid fried food. The instinct to reach to vibrational food like vegetable and fruits become common. This can help you feel light and vibrant. This is also called a psychic diet. Highly active sensory organs also are a sign of psychic awakening happening with you. You may listen to something beyond human reach or visualize something that does not happen in front of you. These are called clairs. Vivid dreams are also part of the awakening process. Frequent headaches due to the influx of energy are common. Intuitive feeling that something is about to happen can be frightening and is an important sign to note.  I recently spoke with one individual who is quoted saying “Just one Theresa Caputo appointment is all it took for spiritual self to awaken”.  It just goes to show that anything is possible when we connect with ourselves.

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Precious Stones And Crystals That Help Develop Psychic Abilities

stones and crystals

Did you know that you can enhance your psychic abilities through precious stones and crystals (That’s right people, it isn’t always about the psychic phone readings)? Yes, these elements are rich in energetic properties and can help develop your psychic abilities. Their energies can even heal our bodies. It can help heighten spiritual balance by eliminating negativities. Some of the gemstones that can be effective in developing psychic abilities are as follows:

Bloodstone: This is a shiny dark green stone with blood red spots. It helps to vibrate to the frequency of the root chakra. It gives protection from evil forces. This is a powerful gem and can be magical. It can reduce the blocks within the body that are difficult to be diagnosed by any medical tests.

Emerald: This green stone has the characteristics to enhance your psychic abilities. It can assist forming a shield from evil forces and negative energies. Connected to the heart chakra it can help achieve higher consciousness.

Amethyst: This is a purple colour stone that falls into the Quartz mineral family. If you want to practice clairvoyance or telepathy, Amethyst can help. It is also a protective tool against negative energies that vibrates to the frequencies of the crown chakras and also opens the heart chakra. It also helps to prepare for psychic readings.

Quartz: This comes with high healing properties and enhances the psychic vision when placed on the crown chakra. It has protective powers. This stone helps balance the chakras. It helps enhancing communicative abilities between the medium and the spirit world. It is also called Universal Crystal.

Turquoise: This stone cleanses the body and opens up all the chakras. To be precise it associated with throat and crown chakra. It can help ward off negative energies. Enhance your clairvoyant abilities with Turquoise.

Herkimer Diamond: This is a bright stone from the family of quartz. Wearing the stone can enhance your connecting abilities with the past and spirit guides. It can align all chakras and promote balance. Once the balance is attained, it is easy to flow the energies through them.

Azurite: It is deep blue in colour and is made of copper carbonate minerals. It can help heightening spiritual connections. It vibrates to the throat chakra improving communication.

Calcite: This stone has healing properties and has the attribute of balancing all chakras by aligning them. Calcite helps in channelizing energies and opens up other out of body experiences. It assists in the healing process.

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